Here's what our past and present singers have to say about ChildrenSong

Growing up in this choir, it has taught me everything I know about music. I have become a successful high school musician because of ChildrenSong! - SS '23

Being a part of ChildrenSong for the past 10 years has been one of the best experiences! i got to travel to Italy, Iceland, and New Orleans with the Choir! This choir has become my second family and forever friends! - JB '21

Ms. Murray's impeccable directing and attention to diction and blending encouraged me to study to become a music director too! - FH '20

It helped me to build confidence on stage where I can comfortably sing or perform other things without being nervous or shy - TT '23

ChildrenSong has helped me to get ahead in other music programs such as my school choir, band, and marching band. - MH '19

Not only do we get to do fun and challenging choral music, but I've also met some of the most amazing friends between Songfest, tour, and the yearly fundraiser event. - KP '18


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