Audition Information


ChildrenSong announces auditions for treble singers and changed voices in grades 3-12! Singers can choose from any of the following songs for the audition: Happy Birthday, Row Row Row Your Boat, My Country 'Tis of Thee (the first verse only), America the Beautiful, or another song of choice. No formal training is required for audition preparation. Email us today!  Auditions are held in September, October, January, February, and over the summer.


Please go to our on-line inquiry form to schedule an audition!

Follow up with an email of interest to

There is no fee to audition for ChildrenSong. 

Where is the audition? Currently on Zoom and scheduling is by appointment after filling out the on-line inquiry form above. 

Summer tour Opportunity

Singers in grades 7-12 who are in the Concert Choir have the opportunity to travel on tour in the summer. This special opportunity has brought the ChildrenSong Choir to Iceland, Italy, Canada, Western USA, Eastern USA, and England. 

The 2018 Choir Tour took ChildrenSong to Costa Rica to perform in the Costa Rica for Peace Festival! There are many benefits to traveling with the Choir on Tour: Boasts self-confidence and independence, develops unity with the Choir ensemble, improves one's singing in a small ensemble, international performance opportunities, and experiencing the cultural exchange abroad.

2019 Summer Tour was in New Orleans for the Crescent City Children's Chorus Festival with guest conductor Bob Chilcott!